Reunion Tower Dallas, Texas

Earlier this month my parents came over to visit, we explored a number of places in Texas including the Reunion Tower in Dallas. Reunion Tower is a viewing platform located in Downtown. With either a single ticket or the Dallas City Pass you can go up and enjoy some spectacular views below. Here are some of the photos I took.

We arrived at Reunion Tower around 5pm. America has daylight savings two weeks earlier than Britain so there was around 2.5 hours till sunset. The skylight of Dallas is impressive though irrespective of the time of the day.
This is view down below towards Dealey Plaza. Elm street, where JFK was shot is the one beneath the car park heading under the railroads. On a more positive note, I love the architecture of the Historic West End buildings in this area.
Dallas is renowned for it’s bad traffic and even worse drivers (watch Fox 4 news in the morning if you’re ever visiting). The traffic heading south here is shown queueing for miles in rush hour.
Still trying to master the art of the tripod free’ slow shutter speed…
Can’t beat a Texas Sunset.
This is the view West from Reunion Tower. Looking across the metroplex, on the horizon you can see a large lump, this is the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington. Slightly to the right of this there’s a bunch of skyscrapers. This is Fort Worth my personal favourite City in Texas.
This is the Margaret McDermott Bridge in Dallas. It was completed in 2017 at a cost of $100m, it’s over 340 ft long and crosses the Trinity River. To the left of the photo is also Texas’s answer to Spaghetti Junction.
Dealey Plaza.
Dallas West End.
Dallas skyline.
As we waited for the sun to set we visited the bar above the viewing platform in the tower. It rotates incredibly slowly enabling you to absorb views of the whole city below. Eventually however we went outside and enjoyed some nocturnal sights in the city below.

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