Salt Lake City, Utah

I took a trip in late 2018 to visit my fiancé in Nevada. I began my journey from Birmingham Airport in England, 25 hours and two rather exhausting changeovers later I finally made it to Salt Lake City. This trip would encompass three states Utah, Nevada & Idaho. I didn’t know what to expect having never visited the Western desert / mountain states before. But on reflection this was one of the most beautiful places on earth I’ve ever laid eyes on. (Just to forewarn you I took these photos with my iPhone, so the image quality isn’t as good as those from my camera *sorry*)

This is the Utah State Capitol Building. Utah achieved statehood in 1896. It was established by members of the Church of Later Day Saints who followed Brigham Young on the Mormon Trail West. The interior of this building pays tribute to the journey and those people.
This is the view down from the Utah State Capitol. Salt Lake City was built in a valley between two huge mountain ranges one of which is shown in the background. With the low lying fog in between It always reminded me of the Planet “Bespin” out of Star Wars.
This is Salt Lake City Temple, it’s the largest Mormon Church in the world.

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

West of Salt Lake City travelling towards Nevada are the Bonneville Salt Flats. The area was created by an ancient lake receding and leaving behind a perfectly flat salt basin. Today this is where many motorsport world record speed attempts are made. It also has an incredible, extra terrestrial like landscape surrounded by enormous Utah Mountains. Incidentally this was also the coldest i’ve ever felt on earth. I think on the temperature dial it was around -12 degrees, but this was also a bone chilling wind which tore right through you. If you visit in the winter I recommend you dress appropriately (which I didn’t).
The Salt Flat is shown on the right and left of the road. You can see just who remote and isolated this part of America is. It certainly is impressive though, especially the unimpeded sky which stretches long towards the Horizon. I’ve shared a few more photos below hoping to illustrate just how empty this part of the world is.

Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah

I didn’t get chance to explore an enormous amount of downtown Salt Lake City in all honesty, but from what I did see it seemed a very pleasant place. There was a metro train running through town shown here pulling into the station. This photo was taken on a walkover between the shopping centre and the car park.
Having hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002, SLC has a fantastic amount of infrastructure in place. The downtown area has a great mix of new a nd modern buildings, the temperature just may not be for everybody.

The Great Salt Lake, Utah

Strictly speaking we visited this on our way back to the airport after the rest of the trip, but this seems the most logical place to show it.

This is The Great Salt Lake, after which Salt Lake City is named. The lake itself is out of town to the west which is understandable as it’s absolutely huge (75 Miles long, 28 Miles Wide). It’s the largest Salt Water Lake in the Western Hemisphere. The size of the lake often fluctuates due to it’s shallowness in places, but it’s the biggest lake in the US generally, excluding the Great Lakes in the North.
Around the edge of the water you can see there’s salt everywhere. As we drove past there were a lot of industrial factories I presume working and extracting resources from the lake.
I took this picture as I began my journey back home. After taking off from Salt Lake City you can see massive lake on the horizon.

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