Elko, Nevada

After leaving Utah behind we arrived in North Eastern Nevada. Despite travelling for around 4 hours we only encountered a few small towns before arriving in Elko.

After leaving Salt Lake City we arrived in Elko, Nevada. Situated around 4 hours to the west, Elko is a smallish town in the North of the State. It’s very nice and quaint with amazing scenery surrounding it. Elko’s economy is mainly based on Ranching, Mining & Rail Freight. It has some great old historic buildings in the centre of town.
This was just out on the edge of Elko. On the horizon is the Ruby Mountain Range. The valley which we visited (which is shown later) had an altitude of over 11,000ft. To put that into context Ben Nevis, Britain’s tallest mountain is just 4409ft, so they are around 2.5x taller. I’ll put a few more photos below to display the scenery and just how much wide open space is there is here and how mountainous it is. Some of them were taken further north in Nevada closer to the Idaho State Border.
This is how the first post office in Elko was when it was established. Not sure I would have wanted that job to be honest considering just how remote that building was at the time.
This is a cool piece of artwork paying homage to Elko’s history in both ranching and locomotives.
This map was in the North Eastern Nevada Museum in Elko. It shows the journeys American’s made in the past to colonise the western parts of the nation. Elko was directly on the trail for people passing to both Oregon and California.
This was later in the same museum. Being a big fan of bears I can’t say I enjoyed seeing them like this that much but it was an interesting experience I suppose. It basically looks like something from Zoo tycoon with all of the animals in one small enclosure.
This is the entrance to Lamoile Canyon close to Elko. The Mountains here as I’ve previously written are huge. Very sadly the preceding summer to when I arrived an enormous wildfire broke out in this canyon are largely destroyed it. It annihilated an enormous amount of the habitats here and I imagine it will take decades if not centuries to recover to it’s original state.
This is the entrance to the canyon. You can see here just how little vegetation remains.
Lamoile Presbyterian Church
Similar to Jackpot, West Wendover is another town with many casinos on the border of the Nevada. This town however borders Utah and has an enormous cowboy welcoming all visitors.

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