Saguaro National Park, Arizona

Thought it’d be fun to share a few photos from a recent trip to Arizona. We flew into Tucson and spent a week in the South of Arizona. One of the places we managed to go and see was Saguaro National Park. The Park is named after the Saguaro Cactus which is the largest cactus in the United States. It’s divided into two parts, the western and eastern with the city of Tucson inbetween. All of these photos were taken in the western park.

Prior to going there i had no idea that a cactus can store up to 200 Gallons of water. I also thought that it would be very dry here, but over the week we were there it was “Monsoon Season”. It rained basically every day which i wasn’t expecting at all. I got a few cool photos of a huge thunderstorm which i’ll hopefully be able to edit soon and share on here!
I would highly recommend the autloop tour if you’re visiting the west side. I think it was around 4 miles but had plenty of stops along the way. We did two hikes on their trails also, the discovery trail and the valley view overlook trail.
This was the view from the Valley View Overlook Trail. It wasn’t too bad distance wise around 0.5 miles each way, however we did it at 8am. As it was in the August i don’t think it would be very pleasant to do it later in the day in the afternoon heat. I think there are a lot of longer trails which you can do there, some of which go into the mountains.
The essential Desert Playlist
That’s probably the biggest cactus we saw there.
We encountered quite a few cool animals whilst we were there but unfortunately i haven’t edited many of those photos yet. This was a Red Tailed Hawk which circled us for quite a while near one of the trails. Hopefully soon i’ll be able to edit more photos from Arizona and do another post, in the meantime thanks for reading, take it easy!

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