San Jacinto Battlefield & USS Texas

I thought i’d share a few other photos from visiting Houston a few months back. As well as going to Anahuac we also visited the San Jacinto Battlefield, the most decisive battle of the Texas Revolutionary War. The battle was fought in April 1836 and resulted in total victory for the Texans who also took the Mexican President Santa Anna prisoner. Against all the odds their victory enabled them to secede from Mexico and establish their very own republic.

This is the San Jacinto Monument. It was built to celebrate the Texan victory at San Jacinto. Sam Houston of whom the city is named after led the Texan Troops into this Battle. Unfortunately when we visited the observation deck was closed but from the top you can apparently get good views of Houston.
There were a number of Battle’s during the Texas revolutionary war prior to it culminating at San Jacinto. The most famous of the other battles were Gonzales, Goliad & The Alamo.
A long way up.
This is the USS Texas, it served in both WW1 & WW2. It’s permanently moored in Houston as a Museum Ship. During it’s long and distinguished service it fought in many battles. Quite interestingly it took part in the naval bombardment of the Normandy Coast prior to D-Day. In particular it fired on Pointe Du Hoc which was a huge German Gun Battery on the Cliffs of Normandy, If you go to visit there now it’s like a moonscape with the amount of craters so evidently they did a good job on this ship.
Unfortunately the ship museum was closed when we visited, apparently the ship is undergoing massive refurbishment over the coming months. Looking from a distance i was surprised how good condition the ship is in, especially considering it was first launched nearly 110 years ago.
The Battlefield is now right next to the Houston Ship Canal, one of the busiest ports in the world. There were quite a few enormous ships passing by as we were visiting.

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