Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, Texas

Took another trip to Hagerman over the July 4th Weekend, it was an early start leaving Dallas at 4:45 am but was definitely worth it once we arrived there.

Hagerman Sunrise July 2022.
This was pretty incredible, these are Lotus Flowers in full bloom at the end of the Meadow Pond Trail. It’s quite a walk around 2.5 miles each way but definitely worthwhile to get down to here at the end. I would advise to go early though as we walked at around 9am and it was already approaching 90 degrees.
The Lotus Flower is part of the Water Lily family, it has many uses but of the main ones is its use in Holistic Medicines. Historically there consumption is famous from the Story of the “Lotus Eaters” in Homer’s “the odyssey”. When Odysseus encountered these people it was said the only food they had available on their island was the Lotus Flower, and due to it’s sedative effect they would sleep in a “peaceful apathy”. When Odysseus and his men ate them they spent a long time on the island losing all desire to go back to their homeland.
The colours down there looked really cool.
Lotus Flowers.
Juvenile Egret enjoying a wander through the pond.
This is a Red Shouldered Hawk, he was sitting in the tree above us for quite a while.
I’m not entirely sure but i believe that’s a Red Tailed Hawk.
This little creature was interesting, i think it’s a juvenile Heron. Never seen one of those before
I think that’s a Skunk, never encountered one of those before either

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