Washington DC

Took a trip earlier this summer to Virginia on the east coast of the USA. Thought it’d be fun to share a few photos from a day we spent in Washington DC. Washington is the Capital city of the USA, named for the first president George Washington.

This giant obelisk is the Washington Monument. It was built in honour of George Washington after the American Revolution. I’m not sure if this photo does it justice but it’s incredibly large.
This is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. He was the third president of the USA, as well as this he was the main writer of the US Declaration of Independence. He was also responsible for the expansion of USA after he pursued the Louisiana Purchase buying an enormous amount of land from the French. I recently read an interesting book about him chartering the Lewis and Clarke expedition where they proceeded to pioneer the first route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean across the continental USA.
This is the Abraham Lincoln memorial. He was the president of the USA during the American Civil war, he was assasinated in the city at Peterson house in 1865. On a more positive note, one thing i really liked about DC particularly at this location was the use of the Classical Greek Architecture.
This is the view from the summit of the Lincoln Memorial. As you can see it looks straight down to the Washington Monument with just the reflective pool in-between.
This was just a random photo in Chinatown i think.
This is just another random image on the street there.

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