A few random photos from the last few years

Thought i’d share some photos i’ve taken over the last few years at a few different places around the USA. There’s not really a theme of the photos just a very random bunch which i thought i’d like to edit.

This is “Big Tex”, he’s the iconic figure in the centre of the Texas State Fair, He’s over 55 feet tall and can be found at the Fair every year. He’s a cultural icon not only here in Dallas but also in Texas. The stadium in the background is the Cotton Bowl, on the day we attended the Fair, the stadium hosted the Red River Rivalry, a college football game between Texas & Oklahoma University. Unfortunately Texas lost, but it was a fun game at least. The Fair was great fun though, even if i did acquire some serious sunburn courtesy of the Texas summer.
This was taken on the edge of the Lamoile Canyon in Nevada, it’s one of the most photogenic places i’ve ever visited.
This photo was taken in the Johnson Space Centre in Houston. I thought it was a really fun place to go through with Exhibits and Museum stuff. Interestingly when they were transporting the Space Shuttle in the photo they would actually fly it attached to that massive plane.
This is a photo of a Mule Deer we saw in Nevada. I like the lighting of this image as we spotted it just as the sun was setting.
This photo was taken at the Dallas Stars vs Colorado Avalanche NHL game. I struggle with the rules and what’s going on with Ice Hockey but find it great fun to watch. Unfortunately Dallas lost but they were playing against one of the top teams in the standings this year.
This photo was taken at the Southfork Ranch in Parker. They have their own herd of Longhorn Cattle in their grounds. A few of them came over as we were wandering by.
This is the Oklahoma State Capitol building in Oklahoma City. I think all State Capitol buildings in the USA have the same design to replicate the one in Washington DC. This one is quite unique though as it has a Native American statue standing on the top.
These are Mammatus clouds, earlier in the Spring after a Tornado Watch had expired and the weather had passed us by these formed in the Sky. Apparently these are likely to form after a Severe Thunderstorm has passed you by. Very cool thing to see i thought!

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Howdy, my name’s Matt. I'm originally from England but now live here in the Great State of Texas. Since moving here I thought it would be fun to try something new and enter the world of photo blogging.

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