Ruby Valley, Nevada

Enjoyed a great week in Nevada last month for Thanksgiving. One of the days we took a trip to Ruby Valley, this is a glacier made Valley around 50 miles from Elko in Northern Nevada. The Valley is around 60 Miles in length and offers some amazing views of the local scenery and wildlife. The Valley is very remote, which makes sense as a significant amount of it is a National Wildlife Refuge. In this post i’ll concentrate more on the scenery, I did take a lot of photos of birds and other wildlife whilst i was here but I’ll put that into another post to not make this one too long.

We arrived around sunrise and were treated to incredible views of the sun coming over the mountains. In the Valley you could also hear groups of Coyotes howling for their morning roll call which was a cool thing to experience.
This was the view looking to the North. I love seeing the “big sky” in America.
This place reminded me of the film “the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford”. I was half expecting to see Brad Pitt come along and rob a train.
The scenery around here is breathtaking. The Ruby Mountains are the mountain range surrounding the Valley. The tallest mountain in the Ruby Mountains is the Ruby Dome which is over 11,300 ft tall. In comparison, Ben Nevis the tallest in the UK is around 4400 ft.
The Wild West.
This was the view from the road in and out of the Valley.
This photo wasn’t taken in the Ruby Valley technically, but back closer to Elko. Hopefully soon i’ll get chance to look through and edit the photos of other animals and birds i encountered in Nevada, but in the meantime here’s a cute Mule Deer.

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