San Antonio, Texas

A few more images from visiting San Antonio in May. On reflection i would definitely rank it amongst my favourite cities I’ve visited in America. Aside from the Spanish Missions (here’s my post about those for anyone who’s interested) there is a lot of other stuff to do and visit there. In this post i’ll just focus on the Tower of the Americas and also the Riverwalk.

This is the view from the top of the Tower of the Americas. It’s over 700ft tall and offers panoramic views of the city below. Interestingly for 30 years it was the tallest observation deck in the whole of the USA, until it was overtaken by the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower in 1996. It’s very accesible and was only around 15 minutes walk from where we stayed in Downtown. I’m not sure if it was because it was a bank holiday but if you do visit you may have to wait a while to get in the lift, i think for us it took over an hour to go up, and the same for going back down.
This is part of La Villita, one of the first neighbourhoods of San Antonio. It can be accessed from the Riverwalk. It’s like stepping back in time with countless buildings in the original Spanish architectural style. The Riverwalk is probably what San Antonio is most renowned for, you can spend all day exploring and enjoying the views below the city. There are countless restaurants, bars & hotels, as well as this you can also enjoy the river by boat.

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