Ruby Mountains, Nevada

Thought i’d share some photos from our recent Christmas trip to Nevada. We travelled to the city of Elko in the North East of the state. As you can see it’s a lot different to where we are in Dallas, it was great fun though and we thoroughly enjoyed visiting.

This is the wildest place i’ve ever been in my life. The mountains here are around 11,000 ft high, in comparison Ben Nevis (the tallest mountain in Britain) is around 4000ft so these are absolutely huge in comparison with anything back home in the UK.
Probably the coldest i’ve been since moving to America.
These rock formations remind me of the film “dances with wolves”. Half expected to see Kevin Costner and the tribe of American Indians wandering through here.
This is in the middle of the canyon. Not sure the camera does the amount of snow justice, but it was pretty deep to say the least in there.
This was the view driving out of Lamoile Canyon. Spectacular view to say the least. I think this is what Tom Petty was describing when he called one of his album’s “into the great wide open”.
That’s the view looking into the canyon, last time i visited me and my wife took our engagement photos around here, unfortunately though due to adverse weather the canyon was closed so we couldn’t go in. Thankfully this time though the weather gods were on our side.
Amazing views here wherever you look.
This was the first and only snow squall i’ve seen so far in my life. It was cool watching it go through, towards the left of the image you can see the more defined part of it.
The Marina in town had a cool trail which you can walk around.
This photo was taken at the marina looking at the mountains in the distance.

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