Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Texas

Enjoying the last of the summer sun decided to take a trip downtown and enjoy the sunset at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. I took a brief trip down there earlier this year but rather stupidly, i accidently deleted all my photos from the visit so i thought it would be worthwhile to go back again. If you ever visit Dallas i would highly recommend visiting especially in the evening for for sunset.

This is the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The Trinity River flows beneath the bridge. The river runs from Weatherford, west of DFW all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. The river was named by the Spanish explorer Alonso de Leon, who called it the “La Santísima Trinidad”, The Most Holy Trinity.
The bridge itself first opened in 2012, it was designed by well acclaimed architect Santiago Calatrava. The bridge streches almost 2000 ft, as well as the arch which reaches over 400ft into the air. You can see in this photo the buildings of Downtown in the background, including the Bank of America Plaza (to the right of the arch), which is the tallest building in Dallas. To the right of the photo is also Reunion Tower, if you haven’t already seen i did share some photos from the top of there on another post which i would definitely recommend visiting too.
Definitely one of the more unusual bridge designs i’ve seen on my travels so far.
Parallel to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is the Ronald Kirk Bridge. Originally this bridge was to carry vehicles across the river. However with the opening of the new bridge, this one is now used for pedestrians. It streches all the way from Downtown Dallas to West Dallas.
I always find the sunsets here quite unusual, especially the pinkish coloured sky just above the horizon.
The opposite view on the bridge. This area of Dallas has a lot of restaurants, after we left we walked down and had some great chinese food just below.
There are alot of trails beneath the bridges where you can walk and cycle. Later in the Autumn i may go back and see what it’s like when the river is flowing with more water to get a different perspective of the city.
Reunion Tower illuminated in the beautiful red, white and blue of the Texas flag.

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