Fort Worth Stockyards, Texas

With the temporary reprieve in lockdown rules here in Texas a few weeks ago we managed to visit the Stockyards in Fort Worth. For anyone who hasn’t been or heard of it before i highly recommend you go there if you’re ever in North Texas. The Stockyards are a site of huge historic importance for the cattle industry in America. Cattle is pretty ubiquitous here in Texas. After the Texas Revolution there were an enormous of cows roaming around the state. Many budding entrepreneurs saw the value in trying to gather them and bring them to market. All of the cattle was driven overland from southern Texas north to the railroad in Kansas for transportation to the bigger cities in America at the time. Many of the trails including the Chisholm trail, passed directly through Fort Worth itself.

This is the distinctive “Texas Longhorn”, they are known for there huge horns which can grow up to 70 inches long. They were first brought to the America’s by Spanish Colonists, as a breed they are very suited to the arid conditions in Spain and warm temperatures here in Texas. I love the colouring of these animals
On a personal note, i was very happy to finally watch the cattle drive. I’ve visited here quite a few times over the last few years but never managed to watch it. Finally though i got to see it and it certainly wasn’t a disappointment.
There was a fun demonstration at the Fort Worth Herd, where they show you what it was like driving cattle back in the day. For anyone who’s interested in the Wild West i would recommend reading the book “The American West” by Dee Brown. I remember there being a chapter specifically on Texas and what it was like living here at the time.
Feel like i’m wandering around in a Clint Eastwood film.
Cattle in the stockyards.
Quite surreal wandering around this place and stepping back in time.
Kind of cheating as i took this photo over the winter when i visited. But this is one of the indoor areas with shops and restaurants, whilst it’s not ideal for the vegeterians / vegans amongst us the BBQ here is some of the tastiest food i’ve ever tried.
This is the Rodeo at the Stockyards, when i first visited in 2017 managed to see a few people training in the doing some Barrel racing. It was very impressive, I’d love to go and watch a full fledged rodeo in the future though whenever it reopens.
This is definitely my favourite place i’ve visited here in Texas so far, can’t wait to get back there again in the future.

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Howdy, my name’s Matt. I'm originally from England but now live here in the Great State of Texas. Since moving here I thought it would be fun to try something new and enter the world of photo blogging.

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