Texas Roadtrips

Being stuck at home over the last few weeks has given me an abundance of time to go through old photos. Before I moved to Texas at the end of last year I visited twice, first in the winter of 2016 and then again in the summer of 2017. During both these trips we managed to get out and explore a lot of the State. During these journeys there was often an abundance of countryside to travel through (to say the least), I thought i’d share my favourite photos I took in the more rural parts of Texas.

All of these photos were taken on my iPhone from a moving vehicle so please excuse the quality. This was taken driving towards Stephenville, Texas.
Editing the entirety of the big sky out of this photo was tough. But absolutely love the clouds here. This photo was taken driving south from DFW to Houston.
This photo was taken in summer 2017, driving near to Hubbard, Texas.
This photo was taken around Pilot Point, Texas.

Published by matt93111

Howdy, my name’s Matt. I'm originally from England but now live here in the Great State of Texas. Since moving here I thought it would be fun to try something new and enter the world of photo blogging.

2 thoughts on “Texas Roadtrips

  1. Hi matt
    Nice photo, looks like your having quite an adventure. Hope you and Sandra are keeping well and not being to effected by the Coronavirus.
    We are in lockdown in Worcester and have been for a few weeks. Rowing club and David Lloyd both shut, so doing a it of cycling and running
    As the schools are shut been off work 2 weeks so catching up on job, and doing the garden.
    Had a email from my boss asking me to go back to work Thursday this and then all next week apart from Monday. There is one school open in Evesham for emergencies workers children so just taking one child in
    Karen has had all her dogs cancelled she was due to look after , as all holidays cancelled
    It seems to have effected Daisy as she seems to have lost her spark. She is struggling on her back legs, but keeps going ( border terrier as tough ) she is 16 in June.
    At last the weather seems to be picking up so hopefully things will get back to normal so stay safe and hope to see you both soon
    Roland karen And Daisy

    Sent from Outlook


    1. Hi Roland & Karen

      Cheers for the good wishes, we are both good thanks, just trying to stay save in these crazy times.
      Hope you and Karen are both well too, sorry i’ve only just seen this. My app settings didn’t show me any notifications for comments so i’ve rectified that. Glad to hear you guys are well though, Hopefully will be getting back more back to normal soon. I hope Daisy is feeling a bit better, i spoke to my mom last week and she mentioned you’d come over to visit and it being Daisy’s b’day. I hope she had a good one and she’s feeling more herself again. Yeah at least summer is coming around now, hopefully things can get a bit more back to normal over the coming weeks,

      catch up with you soon,

      matt & sandra


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