Texas Photography

Welcome to my photoblog, the photos displayed here were all taken throughout Texas. I find Texas a beautiful state to live, from the endless prairies, to the western desert, to the downtown metropolises located throughout this enormous place. There’s no shortage of amazing scenery to visit and explore. For each photo I take on my travels I’ll write a brief description of its significance or location.

“Texas is a state of mind” – John Steinbeck

Downtown Dallas

This photo was taken in Dealey Plaza, Dallas. Overlooking the infamous site of John F Kennedy’s assassination. JFK was shot in Dallas on November 22, 1963. On the horizon is the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.
This is the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The Trinity River flows beneath the bridge. The river is over 700 miles long and is the longest situated entirely in Texas.
I find the sunsets here in Texas breathtaking, the combination of big sky and awe inspiring colours make getting out and watching them a great way to spend an evening.
The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge was opened in 2012, it’s nearly 2000 feet long and 400 feet high. The buildings behind are part of Downtown Dallas.
Downtown Dallas at Night
One of my favourite elements of Texan culture is it’s Western past. In the heart of downtown Dallas is Pioneer Plaza. These sculptures show Texas Longhorn Cattle being driven by cowboys, a lot of trails back in the day went through the Dallas area northwards to railway transport to bigger cities.
I took this photo close to pioneer plaza. We were enjoying some unseasonably warm spring weather, so we went to further explore downtown Dallas.
The building on the right is Reunion Tower. It’s over 500ft tall and has a large purpose built observation deck. Hopefully I’ll get chance to get up there and enjoy the amazing views of Dallas and beyond soon!
This photo was taken in Dallas’s Historic West End.
The building with the clock tower is the Mercantile National Bank Building, it’s one of my personal favourite pieces of Dallas architecture.
This is Elm Street, the infamous location of 35th President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Born in Massachusetts in 1917, before entering politics he served with prestige onboard a torpedo boat in the Pacific theatre in WWII.
JFK’s became president in January 1961, he came to Dallas on November 22nd 1963 in order to raise funds and momentum for his coming reelection bid. On arrival at Dallas Love Field airport he travelled to Downtown to meet his supporters. His presidential motorcade turned left onto Elm Street at 12:30pm. This would be the final moment of his life. He was allegedly shot from the 6th floor of the Dallas Book Depository by Lee Harvey Oswald. This building is shown furthest to the left on this photograph. The X on the road shows where the fatal shot struck.
This is the view from the 7th floor of the Book Depository in Downtown Dallas. In the museum the 6th floor window is glassed off and restored to how it looked when investigators arrived from the shooting. But this is above that so gives a good impression of the view from the building. After the shot was fired the presidential motorcade sped into the tunnel below to Parkland Hospital. Despite the best efforts of surgeons and doctors he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.
I like the unusual architecture of this building, I’m not sure of it’s name but this photo was taken on Elm Street in Downtown Dallas .
One of the things I love most about the city of Dallas is the great blend of old and modern architecture. The skyscraper shown here is Bank of America Plaza, at 72 stories it’s the tallest building in Dallas. This photo was taken at the JFK memorial plaza.
This is another photo taken at Dealey Plaza looking back towards the city. The building on the right of the photo is The Old Red Museum of Dallas County.

White Rock Lake

This is the view of the Dallas skyline from the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. White Rock Lake is shown in the foreground.
Completed our first walking trail around White Rock Lake. We hope to complete the entire Lake in the next few months.
White Rock Lake
I may be wrong but I believe the large white birds in this photo are American White Pelicans. White Rock Lake is inhabited by hundreds of bird species. This is due to Texas’s relatively warm winter climate and it being on the migratory route of these animals.
This is quickly becoming one of my favourite places in Dallas. White Rock Lake has countless trails and walks around it’s perimeter . This trail just a few hundred feet back from its edge goes close to some amazing North Texas nature.

Exploring Dallas

I love walking around Dallas and discovering new places. It’s probably because I grew up in a quiet town in England but everything here seems so big including the road network. This photo was taken above Highway 75.
Enjoyed a walk around the Dallas Botanical Gardens. Managed to find a brief moment of solitude for this photo, it was very busy with people visiting their 12 days of Christmas exhibition.
Dallas Botanical Gardens.
Texas has a reputation for caring an awful lot about “football”. From my experience everywhere you go here supporting the Cowboy’s or one of the many college teams is fanatical. It was an amazing experience to watch the Cotton Bowl at AT&T stadium in Arlington. I also love this stadium, i think it’s very HG Wells esque in it’s design.
The game was between Penn State & Memphis Tigers. I’m not the most knowledgable about college football but being part of the game day atmosphere was a whole lot of fun!
This is the Southern Methodist University campus. I explored over the winter holidays so thankfully it was quiet. As well as the faculty buildings and sports stadiums, they also have George W Bush’s presidential library here on site.


This photo was taken in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin.

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