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This is my first post in a series detailing trips around America I’ve been on. Living in North Texas we are fortunate to be surrounded by great transport links. There are numerous airports and countless highways in all directions making it easy to get out and explore. In this section I will share photos of trips I’ve taken further afield into new cities and states. I’ll write up any recommendations of places to visit and things I did whilst I was there. I hope you enjoy reading any new posts of journey’s I’ve made.

Austin, Texas

I recently travelled around 200 miles south of Dallas to Texas’s State capital, Austin. Austin is the fourth most populated city in Texas. It was named in honour of Stephen F Austin, regarded as the “Father of Texas”. It’s world renowned for it’s music and creative arts scene and attracts millions of tourists every year.

This is the Texas State Capitol building in Austin. It was constructed over 100 years ago. This State Capitol is one of the few which is taller than the United States Capitol in Washington (everything’s bigger in Texas).
The Capitol is surrounded by 22 acres of grounds. In here there a range of monuments and sculptures dedicated to the history of Texas. The one on the left of this photo is the Confederate War Memorial.
Texas State Capitol.
The six emblems shown on the facade of the building illustrate each nation which has governed parts of Texas in it’s modern History. These are Spain, France, Mexico, Texas Republic, Confederate States of America and the USA. Atop the basilica is a Statue called the Goddess of Liberty. This was replaced around 30 years ago due to wear and tear, the original is displayed in the Bullock History Museum which I would highly recommend visiting!
Inside the Texas State Capitol.
This is the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. There’s a mixture of historic and contemporary famous Texans buried here.
The Legend.
This Cenotaph is dedicated to Tom Landry, the first ever coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He holds the record for the longest continuous management of any NFL team (29 years), as well as the most consecutive winning seasons (20). He also led the Cowboys to 2 super bowl victories.
The grave of the man with his arm outstretched is Stephen F Austin. He’s known to most people here as the “founder of Texas”.
This is the Iconic Pennybacker Bridge which crosses the Colorado River. The road is known as the capital of Texas Highway and offers some amazing scenic views. I particularly like this photo, the sky is very typically Texan.
This is the Colorado River (Texas), it’s over 800 miles long making it the 18th longest river in the USA. If you are willing to climb up some rough terrain in Austin you can get an amazing viewpoint overlooking it.
The terrain around Austin is a lot more hilly than back in Dallas.
Austin Graffiti Park.
This photo was taken from the Ann W. Richards, Congress Avenue Bridge. Looking down the Colorado River in Downtown Austin there are numerous bridges to cross. Austin also has trails along each bank of the river which I would recommend checking out.
This is the view of Congress Avenue from the bridge. If you look closely, at the end of this street is the Texas State Capitol. The tallest building you can see here is the Austonian, at 56 stories it’s the second tallest building in Texas outside of Dallas & Houston.

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